News | MPH Bookstores Sdn Bhd has released an official statement in regards to its recent incident where a security had approached a 13 year old kid and accused him of stealing a comic book. The security guard then forcefully dragged him by the back of his shirt to take him into the security room.

Without further investigation, the guard then slapped him across the face – twice. Not long after that, another employee of the bookstore noticed a sticker pasted at the back of the book which indicated that it was already purchased. The employee then cleared the boy of his ‘crime’. Upon seeing the evidence, the security guard backed down and let the boy off. Just right before he let the teenager out, the guard sternly warned him not to tell his parents.

The boy met with his father not long after that, who was terribly shocked to see tears rolling down his son’s face. When asked what happened, the boy confided the entire story to his father. Furious, the boy’s father went to the counter and demanded an explanation from the outlet. It was only there and then that he got an apology out of the staff.

Since then, the boy’s father has filed a police report on this incident. Not long after this incident has became viral over the social media, MPH released an official statement addressing it.

In the statement, MPH has taken immediate action and their own investigation is already well underway. The staff involved in this matter has been suspended pending the investigation.