KUALA LUMPUR | The human resources ministry plans to introduce a three-day paternity leave for the private sector, in response to requests from NGOs and private sector unions, Deputy Minister Mahfuz Omar said today.

He said an amendment to the Employment Act 1955 is being prepared and will be submitted to the Cabinet before it is tabled in Parliament.

“We have held discussions with the National Labour Advisory Council and representatives of trade unions and employers on the matter,” he told a press conference after a Clients Day programme of the Skills Development Fund Corporation (PTPK) and the launch of a “Pay and Win” promotion here.

Mahfuz said the amendment to the act also involved increasing maternity leave from 60 to 90 days as is already the case in the public service.

Pertubuhan Pertolongan Wanita (WAO) had called for a seven-day paternity leave in the private sector, to match the provision enjoyed by male employees in the public sector.