SERDANG | The government has added parenting skills to its Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) training list, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said today.

The deputy prime minister, who is in charge of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, added that training started on July 9 with 500 students in the project’s pilot class.

“The National Resident and Family Development Authority had been appointed as the parenting skills registered training provider for private sector employers for three years.

“HRDF has agreed to fund the first 500 private sector employees attending parenting skills this year with the cost at RM62,500,” she said in her keynote address at a parenting forum in Universiti Putra Malaysia here.

The Human Resource Ministry recently acknowledged that parenting skills are critical for the nation’s development.

The pilot project is a cooperation between HRDF and the National Resident and Family Development Authority — better known by its Malay abbreviation LPKKN — and is only offered to companies that have registered with HRDF.

Currently, there are around 27,000 registered companies.

HRDF has also listed the Smart Parenting course as claimable training.

Dr Wan Azizah observed that with increased online connectivity, parents face greater challenges in raising their children and must always be on their toes.

She pointed out that in many families, both parents are working and a discussion between husband and wife is needed to ensure that the family and children are well managed.