IPOH | The Human Resources Ministry will hold a meeting with stakeholders in its bid to reform the labour law including making amendments to the Employment Act and Trades Union Act this Nov 11.

Its minister, M. Kulasegaran said that the discussion should have been held Nov 4 but several stakeholders were unable to attend and it has to be postponed.

“During the National Labour Advisory Council meeting which was held on Tuesday (Oct 29), we agreed to form a technical committee this Monday.

“However, the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) and the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) wrote letters to me saying that the date needs to be changed as it is not suitable with their schedules and I have agreed to change it.

“The discussion will be held the following Monday (Nov 11) and all views from the stakeholders will be taken into account and the ministry will present it to the Cabinet for approval,” he told reporters after opening the Labour Enrichment and Professionalism (LEAP) Seminar at the Syuen Hotel, here, today.

Kulasegaran also gave his assurance that there would be a lot of improvement for both, employers and employees once the law was amended.

“This is important because at one stage, Malaysia has about 10 per cent workforce as Union members and now we have only between six to seven per cent.

“The number of membership is decreasing and we want to increase it and we want more Unions to be active. The government is willing to facilitate, we are neutral. If we are neutral, we want to see this happening in the country.

“So when we have the next meeting, we will call for employers to give their opinions…,” he said.

Kulasegaran also highlighted the significance of the United States’ trade sanctions against Thailand in relation to the mistreatment of workers and the immediate need to rectify the treatment of workers in the country.

“As such, amendments to labour laws, particularly in relation to compliance to international labour standards, should be expedited to avoid any similar sanctions against Malaysian companies,” he said.