You have the questions, we have the answers

THE Hiring Incentive Programme (PenjanaKerjaya), which was unveiled by the government under the economic recovery plan (Penjana), kicked off yesterday. Here are some frequently asked questions about the plan.

Q: What is PenjanaKerjaya?

A: This is an initiative under the National Economic Revival Plan (Penjana) meant to stimulate job creation among employers and increase the number of job openings for jobseekers and to enhance their employability. The Human Resources Ministry is responsible for implementing the programme through Socso’s National Employment Services.

Q: What are the incentives offered under PenjanaKerjaya?

A: The incentives are:

i. #MyApprentice – aimed at employers who provide jobs to local graduates and school-leavers through apprenticeship programmes

ii. #HireMalaysia

There are three categories for #HireMalaysia, which are:

a: Incentives for employers who hire local jobseekers who are under 40 years old

b: Hiring incentive for employers who hire local jobseekers aged 40 and above

c: Hiring incentive for employers who hire local jobseekers who fall under the vulnerable group (golongan mudah terjejas) including people with disabilities (OKU) and participants of Socso’s Return to Work programme

* Age of the jobseeker is determined based on the birth date given during application.

iii. Mobility assistance – a one-off payment to a jobseeker who moved more than 100km (one way) from his or her current location for a job

iv. Training programme – provide reskilling and upskilling including the place-and-train programme based on the needs of employers and workers hired under the PenjanaKerjaya initiative.

Q: Which employers are eligible to apply for PenjanaKerjaya?

A: Employers who have registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia; the Registrar of Societies Malaysia; Registration of Business; or local authorities or other organisations before June 1.

– Employers who have registered with Socso before June 1.

Q: Who is not eligible to apply for PenjanaKerjaya?

A: Private recruitment agencies, outsourcing services, and contractors who provide manpower for another business (principal) and is not a direct employer.

– Those in the civil service, federal or state statutory bodies, all statutory bodies with separate funding (semua badan berkanun yang diasingkan saraan), local authorities, and those who are self-employed.

Q: Who are the employees who are not eligible for the incentives under PenjanaKerjaya?

A: Employees who are receiving aid through the Employment Retention Programme and those who are listed under the Wage Subsidy Programme are not eligible for the incentives.

Q: What are the important details regarding training programmes under PenjanaKerjaya?

A: Employers who have hired their workers (excluding apprentices) under PenjanaKerjaya are eligible to apply for reskilling or upskilling of their workers based on the needs of the job or the industry.

– Training courses that are recognised by Socso will be listed at and will be continuously updated.

– The maximum fee for the training programme is RM4,000 per worker hired under the PenjanaKerjaya.

Q: When will the application for the training programmes under PenjanaKerjaya open?

A: These training programmes will be open for application starting July 1.

Q: How does an employer start an application for its workers to undergo the training programme?

A: An employer can choose the courses listed under the PenjanaKerjaya Training Programme listed at and apply for approval or endorsement from Socso.

Q: Who is the one who will have to make the application for the training programme?

A: It is the employer who has to do so, based on the needs of the workers hired under the incentive.

Q: How long is the training programme under PenjanaKerjaya?

A: The length of the training programme will depend on whether the course offers soft skills, hard skills, transferable skills, occupation-specific or hybrid skills but the maximum length is 30 days.

Q: What should an employer and training provider do after choosing the course?

A: Socso will give its approval and give out a guarantee letter to be given to the training provider.

– The training provider is responsible for providing all the documents needed to be paid for the training, such as proof of attendance.

– The employer is responsible in ensuring that their employees attend the course until its completion.

For more information, please contact Socso’s customer service at 03-8091 5300 or 1-300-22-8000 or e-mail to: