KUALA LUMPUR | Six employees of a travel and tour company have lodged a police report, claiming they felt threatened and that they had not received their salaries since March.

They also alleged that their employer had not submitted their EPF and Socso contributions since last year.

Secretary-general of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) J Solomon, who accompanied the six, claimed the company had remained silent on the status of their employment.

He said a few had been paid RM400 in March but the others had not received any salary.

“One of the workers received a text message that his employment had been terminated but no reasons were given.

“The others who asked about their employment status did not receive any reply,” he said after lodging the police report on their behalf at the Travers police station today.

Solomon said the action by the company had prevented the workers from receiving aid from the Employment Insurance Scheme (SIP) introduced by Putrajaya for individuals who had lost their jobs.

He alleged the company had also threatened to report the staff to the police if they brought the matter up with the Labour Department or EPF.

“The workers were confused as to why they were being threatened when it was the employer who was at fault. Because of that, they decided to lodged a police report,” he said.