KUALA LUMPUR | China has expressed its willingness to nurture more top-quality talents for Malaysia in the face of warming Malaysia-China relations, says China ambassador to Malaysia Bai Tian (pic).

He said Chinese companies were also willing to provide career opportunities for Malaysian graduates.

“With momentum brought about by the Belt and Road Initiative, China-Malaysia relations have surged forward in every aspect in recent years.

“We all know that talent is the key to productivity and competitiveness in the modern world.

“Under the context of an ever-improving China-Malaysia cooperation, both countries are calling for more versatile talents with bilingual skills, ” he said in his speech, which was read out by the embassy’s Cultural Office director, Feng Jun, at the Talent Endowment Forum and Fair 2019 here yesterday.

Organised by Malaysian Association of Graduates from Universities and Colleges from China, and the Silk Road Institute, Bai Tian lauded the event for creating a brand new platform to match young talents from both countries with suitable job opportunities.

“The genuine friendship between China and Malaysia and their people has been through generations.

“In future, we will continue to support each other on the path of common development as best friends and trustworthy partners, ” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Minister Sim Tze Tzin, who launched the event, called on local farmers to adopt new technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) in their farming process.

“Many conventional farmers are still not aware of IoT in agriculture, which is proven to help increase productivity, improve yields and cost-effectiveness.

“Such a gradual shift will ease the agriculture industry’s reliance on hiring foreign workers in the near future.

“This is because IoT can make agricultural and farming processes more time- and cost-efficient by reducing human intervention through automation, ” he said.

Sim also encouraged farmers to utilise various training courses available under the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi) to better equip themselves with the latest know-how, hands-on assistance and startup funds for agriculture.

“Mardi has also developed several apps that can assist farmers to implement modern farming, for example, growing chili indoors in a room with sensors to ensure optimum environment for growing plants, ” he said.