As a HR and Employer, do you feel lost in searching for the right, validated and updated information on behalf of your company?

As currently Malaysia is obligated to Movement Control Order (MCO) due to Covid-19, most of the businesses could not operate as usual since all the workers need to stay at home. The productivity of a company has slow down and affect their economical situation. Therefore, the organizations or companies are facing a lot of problems in order to survive their businesses.

However, the economical crisis in a company is leading to another issue which is regarding the employment. Top management has to think of the ways to maintain the companies’ cash flow during this crisis and one of the ways might has including employees termination. Both parties which are employers and employees are affected due to Covid-19 crisis.

As these issues is not something that we have to face daily, Human Resource and other department in a company might struggle to find the resolutions and somehow need a reference or consultation from expertise.

There are some Facebook pages which the Human Resource could refer regarding to the employment issue. The Facebook pages are providing information regarding to employment laws and what HR ought to do as the resolutions of the employment issues in a company. All the information provided are from the expertise. Viewers of the pages also could be updated by the news and information regarding employment that are coming from the Ministry and media.

The link for the Facebook pages are stated below:

1. Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial ~ This is the Official Facebook of the Social Security Organisation ( SOCSO )

2. Labour / Human Resource (HR) Advisory – Malaysia ~ A group for asking or giving advice for all related to Malaysia Human Resource matter.

3. Malaysia Labour Law 马来西亚劳工法令 ~ A platform to address, trouble shoot, assist and educate on matters pertaining to employment acts and labour laws in Malaysia.

4. ~ Assistance for HR regarding Employment and Industrial Relations Law.

5. CCS 十面埋伏 ~ Advisory services regarding audit, tax and HR.

6. ST & Partners PLT, Chartered Accountants, Malaysia ~ Advisory services regarding financial and tax.

7. Syntax Technologies Sdn Bhd ~ Information about Accounting and Payroll System.

8. Pakar HR ~ Consultation and information of issues related to HR.

9. Kementerian Sumber Manusia ~ Direct and verified information from Ministry of Human Resources.


Article by Nurul Afiqah binti Rosman, UiTM Shah Alam