The digital application AWAKEN aims to help Malaysia-based companies over 100 employees with an interactive solution to keep tabs on employee health during and post COVID-19

KUALA LUMPUR | In response to the current health crisis, assistance service provider Asia Assistance, together with UK startup LiveSmart, has developed AWAKEN, an HR health and safety tool that provides organisations with a digital platform to monitor workforce health and safety. This app enables local businesses with 100 staff or more to monitor employee health and wellbeing while measuring the direct impact towards their business.

AWAKEN targets early detection and prevention of health-related issues by providing employees with lifestyle recommendations based on each individual’s health profile, including blood type, physique, age, and any pre-existing or underlying medical conditions. The tool engages with individuals through the application dashboard by mapping out a personalised wellness plan to guide employees in their daily lives, and supporting them to make effective lifestyle changes if required.

To ensure the effectiveness of the application, a follow-up plan is set in place by AWAKEN for employers to ensure regular health assessments are carried out for all their employees by medical experts. This two-pronged approach enables organisations to achieve optimum levels of productivity as the data from health assessments remain current and is automatically recorded in the application for continuous interactive monitoring and support.

Never has placing employee’s interests at the heart of business objectives been more important than during this pandemic – as well as setting the scene for how employers plan to look after the wellbeing of staff in the future. In fact, according to Mercer’s Engagement Index1, just 26% of employees in Malaysia do not feel engaged at work – one of the highest in the Asia Pacific region.

Another global Mercer 2020 survey of 34 countries found that when it comes to global talent trends this year, much of an organisation’s success depends on whether it can support its talent to grow and shape a sustainable business. And while 61% of employees trust their employers to prepare them for the future of work and look out for their wellbeing, 63% feel at risk of burnout. On top of this, just 48% of executives rank health and wellbeing as a top workforce concern, showcasing a worrying mismatch – especially when employees in a company that focuses on employee health are four times for likely to be ‘energised’ at work2.

AWAKEN is able to assist local corporations in reigniting the focus on health and wellbeing by delivering world-class employee health support.

Today more than ever, employees expect their company to play a key role in their well-being. Their company is seen as a place of prevention and improvement of employees’ health. As such implementing a positive and sustainable change of behavior among coworkers has a significant long-term impact on their performance and AWAKEN is an innovative tool to support companies in this direction” explains Takumi Suzuki, CEO of Asia


Assistance Network.

Alex Heaton, founder and CEO of LiveSmart explains the increased need to corporates to refocus on employee health and well-being: “The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a renewed focus on health, and in particular preventive health at all levels of society. People will try to eat better, lose weight, get fitter and reduce or manage existing health risks. Employees will be looking to companies to help protect their health and well-being; how corporates react to this will be a real test. Our partnership with Asia Assistance allows us to work with Malaysian companies to provide world-class employee health and wellbeing support; benefiting individuals and driving business effectiveness, in the long-term.”

The easy-to-use app provides unlimited access for the whole organisation. This includes motivational content, challenges, reward schemes and access to offers and services which support a healthy lifestyle.

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