Kuala Lumpur – Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Air Selangor) today kicked off its 2020
National Day Celebration, with the launch of its National Day 2020 video and a flag off
ceremony for their new National Day themed water tankers. This celebration aims to further
strengthen the patriotic spirit among Air Selangor employees, especially when the country is
facing a situation that requires support and cooperation from all walks of life to break the
COVID-19 chain.

The event, which was led by Chief Executive Officer, Mr Suhaimi Kamaralzaman started with
the singing of the national anthem followed by the reciting of the Rukun Negara in conjunction
with its 50-year anniversary. The Rukun Negara was introduced during the Royal Declaration
of the Merdeka Day celebration in 1970.

The celebration continued with the launch of Air Selangor’s National Day video ‘Semeja
Semula’ which portrayed the way of life in the “new norm”, where three old friends were forced
to separate temporarily following the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO).
Despite being apart from each other and having different opinions, they continued to show
concern and care in looking out for one another.

“This video coincides with the theme of this year’s National Day celebration which is ‘Malaysia
Prihatin’ because the celebration this year is different for most communities. Through this
video, we at Air Selangor want to focus on the values of concern, togetherness and resilience,
which are important values to strengthen unity among us, especially when faced with difficult
situations such as COVID-19″, said Mr. Suhaimi.

The ‘Semeja Semula’ National Day video can be viewed on Air Selangor’s social media
platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
In line with the theme, ’Malaysian Prihatin’, Air Selangor gave 10 of their water tankers a
facelift with design elements symbolising the nation’s prominent icons such as the Rafflesia
flower, Petronas Twin Towers and the star and crescent symbol with the slogan ’Sentiasa
Bersedia untuk Malaysia’, that aims to assure consumers that Air Selangor is always
committed to deliver the best possible experience to their consumers.

The celebration continued with the flagging off ceremony that saw Air Selangor’s National Day
edition water tankers heading towards its regional customer service centres in Selangor, Kuala
Lumpur and Putrajaya to enliven the National Day celebration. Each water tanker carried the
national flag which will then be distributed to employees at the regional customer service

– END –

Head of Corporate Communications
Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd