KUALA LUMPUR | Allianz Malaysia Bhd has acknowledged that due diligence was not exercised by an agency when shortlisting a foreigner for the position of an insurance agent.

In a statement today, Allianz Malaysia said the incident, involving a Nigerian national Benice Nkpokiti, was deeply regrettable and assure the public that appropriate actions were in place to address any shortcomings over the incident.

Allianz Malaysia said it learned over the incident from Nkpokiti’s Instagram post detailing his job interview experience at one of its offices in Damansara.

Allianz Malaysia said they had contacted Nkpokiti after the incident to apologise and explain its hiring practices.

“At the same time, we have also concluded our investigations and have found that the allegations put forth against Allianz Malaysia are uncorroborated.

“While we understand Nkpokiti’s anger and disappointment, we are equally distressed that such an incident has transpired and any allegations that Allianz Malaysia would even resort to such unethical tactics or racism is deeply disappointing.”

Allianz Malaysia said the company had always observed fair employment practices, providing equal opportunities for all, and at the same time embraces inclusivity and diversity.

On Tuesday (Nov 17), Nkpokiti, who has been living in Malaysia since 2014, took to his Instagram account, sharing that he was discriminated during a job interview recently.

Nkpokiti said he had applied for the job and received an invitation for an interview.

He said he was approached by a recruiter for Allianz Malaysia and had sent a video clip of himself.

However, upon his arrival for the interview, he was told that the company did not hire foreigners.