KULAI | Up to 126,000 people are expected to be vaccinated daily after the National Covid-19 Immunisation programme starts on Feb 26.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba said seven vaccinators would be placed at each of the 600 vaccination stations nationwide.

“The Health Ministry has identified and prepared 600 vaccination stations nationwide that include health clinics as well as government and private hospitals.

“We will place seven vaccinators at each of these stations. One vaccinator is expected to be able to jab 30 individuals in one day, which means that a maximum of 210 people could receive the vaccine at each of the stations daily, ” he said when met after visiting several foreign workers’ hostels here.

He assured that there would be no delay in the delivery of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

“We have secured the vaccine and the vaccination programme would be rolled out as planned starting from Feb 26 with the first phase focusing on frontliners, ” he added.

Dr Adham said a total of 852 clusters have been reported nationwide between Sept 20 last year and Feb 12 this year.

“Of that number, 527 clusters or 61.85% involve workplaces with the manufacturing sector reporting the highest number of clusters, followed by the service sector and the construction sector.

“Some 315,100 individuals from workplace clusters were screened during the same period where 78,906 of them or 25.04% tested positive for Covid-19.

“Out of those who tested positive from these clusters, 58,318 or 73.91% are foreigners while the rest are locals, ” he said.

Dr Adham urged employers to make sure that the living quarters of their employees, especially foreigners, are in line with the standard operating procedure (SOP) outlined by the government.

“I’d like to remind employers that they play an important role to curb the spread of Covid-19, ” he said.

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