KUALA LUMPUR | A total of 2,753 teachers have not received a Covid-19 vaccine jab as of yesterday, according to a news report that quoted Senior Education Minister Datuk Radzi Jidin.

Malay daily Berita Harian today reported Radzi as saying that 1,993 of the teachers were those who refused to be vaccinated, giving reasons that included religious grounds, disapproving partners, and that they were not ready to do so.

He reportedly said yesterday that the remaining 760 teachers were not inoculated on health grounds, due to a chronic illness, allergy, pregnancy or currently breastfeeding, planning for a baby, or being a recent Covid-19 patient, among others.

“To increase the vaccination rate among teachers who are reluctant to be inoculated, apart from those with health problems or valid reasons, school administrators will continue to negotiate with them to make sure they take the vaccine.

“Teachers who can’t be vaccinated due to health reasons must submit health information validated by a government health officer, to their respective department head,” he reportedly told Senator Rita Sarimah Patrick Insol in a written reply to Parliament.

He was also quoted as saying that as of yesterday, 39,972 or 96.83 percent of teachers were vaccinated, along with 63,724 or 95.16 of other school personnel.

After months of closure, schools in several states reopened on October 3 as these states moved into Phase Four of the National Recovery Plan.

According to Education Ministry guidelines, physical classes will be conducted on a rotational basis, and only vaccinated teachers are allowed to run them.

Unvaccinated teachers will be limited to teaching online or other duties as instructed by school administrators. If they are on school grounds, unvaccinated teachers are required to wear multiple face masks and a face shield.



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