PETALING JAYA | ATA IMS Bhd has already taken action on incidences of unlawful labour practices, which had led to home appliance maker Dyson cutting ties with the firm last month, it said, clarifying claims made in a Reuters article.

In a statement today, ATA said it remains committed to ensuring the well-being of its local and foreign workforce.

Previously, it was reported that ATA’s migrant workers did overtime exceeding Malaysia’s legal limit of 104 hours per month, and had also worked on Sundays.

ATA today said the company policy strictly adheres to labour laws including the 104 hours on normal working days in a month.

“If workers perform overtime, it is solely on a voluntary basis. The company pays workers double pay for working on Sundays and triple pay for working on public holidays.”

ATA however previously admitted that a few managers had allowed their workers to work beyond the number of hours allowed.

“ATA views this seriously and has taken remedial measures effective immediately to ensure that this does not reoccur.

“The company has started implementing a zero overtime on Sunday policy; that unfortunately resulted in the resignation of close to 300 local and foreign workers in the first week of December 2021,” they clarified again today.

Aside from claims of excessive working hours, Reuters also cited 11 employees claiming that ATA had coached staff ahead of labour inspections to hide true working and living conditions, and employed foreigners without permits.

ATA today reiterated that, to date, all workers on the premises of ATA have valid work permits.

It also stressed that only one supervisor out of the total 222 was engaged in the incident of coaching employees on what to say to auditors, also giving a reassurance that action has been taken against the employee.

Meanwhile, on abuse allegations against a former worker, Dhan Kumar Limbu, ATA said Johor police have issued a statement that they have not received any reports on the matter.

“The company had also engaged a prominent law firm, which conducted an independent audit. Based on its findings, the law firm concluded that the allegation made by the aforesaid worker is unjustified and unsubstantiated, and unlikely to have taken place.”

Last month, Dyson said it was terminating its relationship with ATA, which makes parts for its vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, after an independent audit of ATA’s labour practices and allegations made by a whistleblower.





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