KUALA LUMPUR | A woman has shared her distressing experience on the application TikTok of being fired on her first day of work at a jewelry shop in Kota Tinggi recently.

The user @narieana_ initially felt positive about the job as she had gone through an interview and they agreed on the salary for the role of a marketing executive.

However, her optimism was short-lived as she was informed of a one-week probation period on her first day, a detail not mentioned during the job offer.

Just half a day into her first day of work, she received the devastating news that her performance did not meet the company’s expectations.

“If you didn’t plan on hiring me, you shouldn’t have offered me the job and should have rejected me during my interview,” Said she in her TikTok video.

She also highlighted the financial commitments she had made, particularly for her child’s nursery fees, and urged companies not to hire and fire employees in such a callous manner, emphasizing the value of every individual.

The post attracted over 2.4 million views, prompting several netizens to caution her about securing written agreements before accepting job offers.

Some of the comments also speculated that the company might have let her go to make room for someone within their social circle.
Netizens also advised her to report the matter to the Labour Department to seek reasonable compensation for having to go through such a situation.