These are some predictions from LinkedIn’s new Future of Recruiting report

Kuala Lumpur | LinkedIn has released its Future of Recruiting report, with 6 predictions on what the workforce can expect from talent acquisition in future.

To help leaders understand how COVID-19 is transforming recruiting, LinkedIn surveyed over 1,500 professionals globally and over 500 in Asia-Pacific (Australia, India, Singapore and rest of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia) who self-identified as working, or recently working in, a human resources or talent acquisition role or at a search and staffing agency.

Some insights from the report include:

  • In 2020, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia and the Philippines saw higher internal mobility (IM) rates than the global rate of 19.5 per cent, a positive indicator that companies in these countries are leading the way in driving IM.
  • 64 per cent in Southeast Asia (SEA) saw IM as a priority, compared to 62 per cent in Asia-Pacific (APAC).
  • 74 per cent in SEA surveyed say that they are shifting towards more flexible work arrangements, allowing for both remote work and office.
  • Those surveyed cited the top challenge as building and retaining a strong workplace culture (42% in SEA). The second biggest challenge is creating a positive employee experience (40% respectively for SEA and SG).
  • In SEA, many felt that these were the most important skills for recruiters to have now, and in future.
    • The most important skills for recruiters to have in the next year: Adaptability (61%), Oral communication (61%) and Time management (61%)

The most important skills for recruiters to have in the next five years: Business acumen/ understanding (71%), Analytical thinking (67%) and Collaboration (67%)