Johor Bahru | As of June 30 this year, there were only 19,148 self-employed people in the country, including self-employed taxi drivers, bus drivers and electronic callers to register “self-employed people’s social insurance plan”, social insurance The chief executive of the organization, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azman, revealed that the agency will adopt laws on self-employed persons who have not registered the above schemes under the Social Insurance Act of Self-employed Persons in 2017 starting from August 1 this year. action.

He pointed out that in order to help self-employed people better understand the benefits of the “self-employed social insurance scheme”, the agency has been organizing various activities since 2017 to help self-employed persons to register “self-employed persons” under social insurance institutions. The social insurance scheme, but still most self-employed people have failed to complete this action.

He stressed that the “self-employed social insurance scheme” does not increase the burden of self-employed people, or it is difficult for them; on the contrary, it is to better take care of the families of self-employed people and their own welfare. He reminded that if self-employed persons are banned by the authorities after August 1, they will be able to face a fine of not more than RM10,000, or no more than two years’ imprisonment, or both, under the Social Insurance Act of Self-employed Persons in 2017. Penalties.

Mohd Azman held a press conference after the registration and reporting meeting of the Self-employed Persons Social Insurance Plan of the Malaysian School Bus Association in the auditorium of the Social Insurance Agency of the State of Malaysia. Participants included Zhang Chengyu, Chairman of the Johor Social Insurance Agency, and Mohamed Roffe, Chairman of the Malaysian Association of School Bus Operators.

“There are still 11 days to take enforcement action. I hope that before this, more self-employed people will be able to understand the plan and avoid being banned. Without knowing the above plan, they will evade their responsibility to protect their own safety.”

Mohd Azman revealed that there are nearly 20,000 self-employed student bus operators under the Malaysian Student Bus Association, only 967 registered under the “Self-employed Social Insurance Plan”, accounting for less than 5% of the total.

He mentioned that the “self-employed social insurance plan” has been implemented so far, and social insurance agencies have received and handled 82 cases, including 11 death cases, 14 permanent disability cases, 2 preparations for transplant cases, and others are temporarily Sexual disability case.

“The social insurance agency will ensure that these registered self-employed people receive a basic subsistence allowance during the period of injury and incapacity. For those who still have the ability to work, we will also help them find suitable industries and continue to work.”

Mohd Azman also presented life aid and aid to the beneficiaries of the “Self-employed Social Insurance Plan” on the spot, hoping that they will recover as soon as possible and re-enter the work area.