Dr Ko Skin Specialist founder, Datuk Ko Chung Beng shares his company’s success is not from him alone but is based on the hard work and dedication of the entire team of the company.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist began as a modest skin clinic in Klang focusing in dermatology, lasers, medical aesthetics, and cosmetic surgery, and has now expanded to 58 facilities throughout Malaysia and three in Indonesia.

Dr. Ko, who now has 606 employees and 113 physicians in his firm and is the largest skin, laser, and medical aesthetic clinic in the world, offers three tips for empowering people to help him accomplish his current success.

Dr Ko said that the management should inspire their employees to be innovative and creative; trust and assign duties to qualified staff members; embrace ideas and give workers the freedom to demonstrate their viability.

He believes that treating every employee equally is important since they are in the business of wellness and healthcare hence there is a need to be empathetic to the needs and concerns of patients.

If an employer fails to understand the needs of their own employees, they will also fail to understand the needs of patients.

“Understanding the needs of our employees creates a solid and healthy work environment, a sense of collegiality that builds a solid working relationship among peers. A key element in fostering a healthy working environment is also to recognize excellence and reward it, and this is practiced across all levels,” he says.

Dr Lee Kok Siang, Dr Ko Skin Specialist marketing and business development director says that the group rewards employee that shows good performance with a trip overseas and opportunities for career growth.

He shares that they have had trips across Asia as part of the rewards including Maldives, Japan, and Langkawi.

They also provide each employee RM3,000 pocket money and chartered two flights. They also provide their employees with opportunities for career growth and development.

Numerous internal training and sponsorship for various courses are also provided for employee empowerment. Not only that but there are also team-building exercises to cultivate relationships across the organization.

Medical services are other benefits that are being enjoyed by the employees.

The organization also offers workers’ children conditional college loans with interest rates as low as 1% to demonstrate that they understand the value of education and its effects.

“These incentives and benefits are our way of showing the employees that they matter, that their contributions to the success of the group at every level are vital.

“Just because an employee is junior or has been with the group for just a short time doesn’t mean his contribution is of fewer consequences,” Dr Lee says.

The employee who has been working at Dr Ko Skin Specialist since 2018 has also shared their journey that has been rewarding instead of only being financially secure.

The employee added that the organization provided opportunities for them to succeed and advance their knowledge and abilities. Every employee there has a range of education and skill levels, but the management makes sure that every person has an opportunity open. The employee sees that the management recognizes the value of employee recognition and has taken steps to ensure that each employee’s dedication is recognized.

“To grow to what we are today, there is a need to have delegation and above all, trust,” says Dr Ko.