PUTRAJAYA | The Ministry of Human Resources has made changes in the procedure of issuance of certification letter from the Manpower Department following complaints by employers regarding the replacement process of foreign workers (PGPA) in the country.

It said the changes in the PGPA application would come into effect next Wednesday (December 18).

The ministry said a letter from the Manpower Department would be issued based solely on the determination of the existence and authenticity of the employers’ premises applying for the PGPA and would not involve the labour investigation process.

“The certification letter will be issued within 48 hours compared to 14 days or more after the date of the application and is subject to the confirmation of the existence of the employers’ premises,” it said in a statement here today.

The ministry said the Manpower Department would conduct a follow-up inspection one month after the letter was issued to employers to check on the level of compliance with labour laws.

“If any employer is found to be breaching the labour law, action will be taken against the employer,” it said.

The ministry said the changes would only involve procedures at the Manpower Department and therefore other procedures at the Immigration Department and One Stop Centre of the Home Ministry still remain the same.

An announcement on the new procedure will also be displayed on jtksm.mohr.gov.my or www.eppax.gov.my websites. — Bernama