KUALA LUMPUR | The Social Security Organization (Socso) will implement the Employment Insurance System (with full benefits) to replace the Employment Insurance Interim System from Jan 1, 2019.

A fixed rate of RM 600 a month has been paid for a maximum of 3 months to workers who are retrenched as assistance during the interim period while seeking new job employment.

Between Jan 1 and Dec 28, 2018, the EIS had received 23,185 applications for interim assistance from workers who lost their jobs, of which a total of RM16.88 million interim benefits have been provided by SOCSO for workers who have lost their jobs and are eligible to receive the interim relief.

Employees who have lost their jobs and have contributed a minimum of 11 months of working hours, are eligible for the full SIP (full-fledged) benefits such as Elaun Mencari Pekerjaan (EMP), Elaun Bekerja Semula Awal (EBSA) and Elaun Pendapatan Berkurangan (EPB) effective Dec 1, 2018.

SIP provide more benefits to workers who have lost their jobs, compared to Interim Assistance which only offers financial assistance at a fixed rate. Among the full benefits at SIP are Elaun Mencari Pekerjaan which is a financial allowance for those who lost a single income and in the job searching process.

In a statement today, Socso said the Reduced Income Allowance (EPB) is a financial allowance for those who have a few jobs and have lost at least one job.

A training fee will be provided for employees who follow skills training with Socso’s Employment Services Officer recommendation.

The fee will be paid directly to the company that provide the training and selected applicants for vocational training not exceeding 6 months with maximum training cost of RM4,000.

The training allowance incentive is paid for participants that attend training to encourage them to show up for all training sessions.

The Elaun Bekerja Semula Awal is a financial incentive paid to successful EMP beneficiaries who start their employment work early.

Employment placement program and employment service officers assistance will be given for job services for helping on job searches, counselling services, interviews, training and continuous work support.”

Socso has also created an EIS portal to facilitate SOCSO insurers to claim SIP benefits. SIP contributors who have lost employment and meet the eligibility requirements are eligible to receive SIP full interest payment.